Go Ape! Battersea LONDON


Tree Top Adventure: We’ve long wanted to bring our award winning high wire tree top adventure to the centre of London, and are delighted that Go Ape in Battersea Park is a first for any city in the UK. The highest obstacle crossings are double the height of most Go Ape courses, and many are twice as long as usual, making them extra wobbly and challenging.

At Battersea Park, under 16’s must be supervised by a participating adult. An adult (over 18) must join every 4 children under 13 years on the course. 13 – 15 year olds require at least 1 adult per group to supervise on the ground (you’re welcome to join in on the course). If your child is over 13 years and you are supervising from the ground you won’t need to book or pay.

Tree Top Junior: Battersea Park is also home to our Tree Top Junior Adventure for Mini Tarzans. Release your little monkeys onto a Go Ape course designed for them. No one loves adventure more than kids!

We don’t require adults to accompany over 6’s on their adventure but you are more than welcome to book yourself on. You will need to supervise from the ground. One adult must accompany a maximum of two under 6’s. However we strongly advise 1 to 1, at least on their first visit.


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