Go Ape! Temple Newsam


This is brand new! Park Adventure allows you to design your own fun in the trees. Age is no longer a constraint - just build an adventure that's perfect for you and your tribe. And with a continuous belay, once you're attached, you can concentrate on having fun. 

Choose from a variety of aerial routes, mix and match crossings and explore the forest canopy. Then fly to the ground by zip wire or take The Plummet straight down...

Level one - low level loops perfect for younger children under the age of 7.

Level two - a mixture of levels one and three for those 7+.

Level three - the full Park Adventure experience. Suitable for those 10+ and grown up gorillas.

Make a day of it by visiting Home Farm, complete with 400 Sheep, cattle, pigs, poultry and goats and Temple Newsam House is an attraction in its own right.


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