Guisborough Museum


Guisborough Museum is housed in a building to the rear of Sunnyfield House. A volunteer run museum, it specialises in the social, agricultural and commercial history of the town. 

Displays include a wealth of artefacts and photographs, depicting the town's history. Larger exhibits include an elegant Victorian parlour, the interior of a chemist's shop and a number of hand operated agricultural implements. The photographic displays include a range of 19th Century views of the town and pictures of historic functions and local personalities from the 1890s onwards. See the Railway Exhibition, the old stocks, a Penny Farthing bicycle, Grandfather Clock, and much more. 

New displays include: Toys and Games of Past Times – from Victorian times to the 1950s: dolls, annuals, board games, toy soldiers, Dinkey toys and more… revisit childhood memories and show your own children and grandchildren. Early Medical Equipment - a collection of devices used by doctors in the last century: forceps, syringes, tonsil removers – all guaranteed to make you grateful for modern medical techniques!

Opening Hours: Thursdays and Saturdays 10am - 4pm, from beginning of April to end of October. 


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