Lightwater Valley Theme Park and Shopping Village


Escape to Lightwater Valley and discover the excitement of a day bursting with thrills, chills and adventure; catapult to dizzying heights aboard Whirlwind, a typhoon of screams that'll twist even the bravest of souls, and hurtle through some of our deepest, darkest forest aboard Europe's longest roller coaster - The Ultimate. Explore the swashbuckling world of Skeleton Cove, from the spinningly explosive Powder Kegs to the mighty Black Pearl, before venturing into the mysterious subterranean world of Raptor Attack's abandoned mineshaft, shooting the raging water of the Wild River Rapids and 'taking to the skies' in the powerful grip of the Eagle's Claw. You can also jump aboard one of our tractors and take a fun and entertaining journey through Eagles Creek Farm, meeting our farmyard friends along the way. Don't forget entrance to Lightwater Valley Falconry is now included in your admission ticket too. And be sure to visit the UK's first Angry Birds Activity Park!

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