London Zoo


ZSL London Zoo is all about getting up close with the animals. Every day is different, come and find out what our animals are up to today! Here are some of the attractions.

Check out the big cat adventure!

Three walkways cover the 2,500sqm exhibit with thrilling, immersive Indian-themed areas to explore - including a train station, crumbling temple clearing, high street and guard hut.

For the first time, big cat lovers can embark on an interactive Indian adventure as they help ZSL’s forest rangers deal with a ‘lion-emergency’ in the Gir Forest, and lend a hand to the veterinary team who come to the rescue.

Land of the Lions will inform, inspire and excite wildlife lovers of all ages and promises to be an experience unlike any other!

In with the spiders!

ZSL London Zoo has taken on the challenge of a lifetime in a bid to clear the name of one of the world’s most feared, misunderstood and maligned creatures, in a unique and immersive exhibit unveiled in 2015.

In with the Spiders will bring people face-to-face with amazing arachnids from around the world in a completely unique and immersive experience within the Zoo’s popular B.U.G.S exhibit. 

The only exhibit of its kind in Europe, Zoo visitors will first get gently acquainted with the UK native species and regular house guest, the ‘spider in a bathtub’, before meeting fascinating exotic species such as the black widow, huntsman and giant bird-eating spiders.

Butterfly Paradise

Walking through a giant caterpillar, visitors are immersed into a world of amazing and beautiful butterflies and moths from around the globe. Lose yourself in the rich variety of species as they delicately flutter around you, seeking out plants on which to feed and rest.

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