Make Believe


Role play is an extremely important part of every child's development, and growth as 'pretend play' forms an essential part of a child's progress building key skills such as confidence, creativity, communication, physical development and problem solving. It encourages children to take risks and be creative with the role they are playing. It is a fun activity that children enjoy, allowing them to drift into a 'Make Believe' world, copying what mammy and daddy do on a daily basis. 

As children learn whist observing – ‘Make Believe’ involves children getting into character to act out real life roles or fictional performances. Our main aim is to encourage and engage young children, by creating a fictional world for them to explore. As such we have created a mini scale village environment for young children to play and experiment with, everything within the village is suitable for little tiny hands to play with and discover.

Our themed play areas include a farm, supermarket, verterniary clinic, café and construction site. There is also a fire engine for the real adventure lovers and a road with various vehicles where little people can let their imaginations run wild. We hope to be able to provide both children and adults with a rewarding and enjoyable experience with each visit.

‘Make Believe’ has been set up and is run by real parents, who understand the struggles which we parents face on a daily basis and what it is like to have a little person in tow! ‘Make Believe’ has therefore been designed with this in mind, and will hopefully not only allow your children to engage in a fun, educational and rewarding experience, allowing them to exhaust themselves in active and creative play and ensure that you get the well-earned break you deserve!

‘Make Believe’ is open plan and has small divides from area to area to ensure that parents can at all times have sight of their child. We know that sometimes you just need to take a moment to enjoy a sip of coffee and relax, safe in the knowledge that your little one is safe and having fun. Our open plan café area will enable you this freedom and allow you a little bit of space free from the worrying thoughts; what are they up to? They are too quiet! What have they broken now? Is the house still intact? We’ve been there we know the daily struggle! Therefore everything at ‘Make Believe’ is designed for kids and is free to touch and explore.

So no more shouting “don’t touch that” and “get off the dog”! Here at ‘Make Believe’ they can play until they drop! And after the session is complete you can forget about concerns over the whirlwind of mess that has been created by such a tiny individual, as our friendly staff are on hand to tidy it all away! So you do not need to worry about getting the house back in order after a messy play session, leaving you free to focus on other things in your hectic schedule, such as getting on top of that mountain of washing you have been putting off. We hope that you enjoy the experience.



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