Autumn and Winter Events Aboard the Mary Rose at Mary Rose Museum

26th October - 23rd December 2019


It’s full sail ahead this season, as Portsmouth’s Mary Rose Museum has unveiled an exciting programme of events for autumn and winter. From half-term treasure hunts to a VIP experience, a Prosecco painting party to Royal Christmas celebrations, this diverse line-up of activities offers fun for all guests who visit King Henry VIII’s beloved warship.

October Half Term (26th October - 3rd November) brings the return of the popular Shipwreck Explorers, inviting children to embark on an adventure of discovery. As they uncover a trove of interesting Mary Rose facts hidden among the treasure chests, they may come face-to-face with a few surprises along the map trail – but will it be the King himself, or some Rotten Rat friends on the lower decks? 

On 8th November, the Mary Rose is offering a Platinum VIP Experience with a behind-the-scenes tour that takes guests for the first time into the Weston Ship Hall – an exclusive chance to get closer to the ship than ever before. Aside from offering this unprecedented level of access, this generous package includes a Q&A with the conservation experts, refreshments in the Wardroom and enrolment onto the Bronze Patron membership scheme, giving unlimited free entry to the Museum for a whole year.

In a unique event of creative merriment, the 16th November will see the Mary Rose’s very first Prosecco Paint party, reliving the spirit of gaiety aboard the Tudor vessel! Following a private tour of the Museum’s world-class gallery, guests will receive a glass of prosecco and be paired with an artistic instructor from Paint Chill Cho to create their very own Mary Rose-inspired masterpiece against a sunset backdrop.

As the Mary Rose Museum prepares to sail out of 2019, King Henry VIII will host two special Christmas celebrations. The Royal Christmas experience on the 14th December will provide guests with an expert tour of the Museum followed by a reception of mince pies and mulled wine in the private Wardroom, as the King regales his audience with gripping tales about life in the Royal Court.

Finally, between the 21st and 23rd December, the King along with his last and only surviving wife, Catherine Parr, will invite guests to experience the magic of Tudor Christmas traditions. In an incredible event of dance, merrymaking and music, guests will learn all about Tudor etiquette, how to dance like a Lady and Lord and to curtsy and bow, as they discover the other colourful characters from Henry’s Court. 

This jam-packed event schedule comes at the end of another eventful and successful year for the Museum, which recently received a nomination in the 25th National Lottery Awards, celebrated the 40-year anniversary of the Mary Rose Trust, and welcomed its two-millionth visitor.

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