See the Science keeping the Mary Rose Shipshape at Mary Rose Museum

14th - 17th March 2019


Come and see science in action at the Mary Rose this British Science Week, a celebration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). 

In partnership with Zeiss Microscopy, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of microscopes, the museum is offering a unique insight into the science looking after its world-class Tudor collection.

Spending hundreds of years under the seabed protected the Mary Rose from total devastation but the marine environment changed its materials in ways that can cause permanent damage. Seawater, salt and other oceanic elements are found throughout the collection, and these are often the main cause of artefact corrosion. Marine life has also consumed materials such as wood and iron.

These changes need to be understood to be able to provide effective conservation treatments allowing these prized artefacts to safely go on display. Some damage is obvious from simply looking at the material but changes that are invisible to the naked eye have also taken place. This is when microscopy can be employed to give us a clearer picture of conservation challenges.

During Science Week, the team will use a Zeiss Smartzoom optical microscope on some of the many materials such as iron, wood, brick and bone, that make up this unique collection. You can see these materials in more detail than ever before!

Professor Eleanor Schofield, Head of Conservation and Collections Care, says: “I am thrilled that we will be able to share some of the science we do with our visitors, as it plays such a crucial role in looking after our unique collection”.

Come along to the Mary Rose and see these materials in more detail than ever before and hear how this information and other scientific techniques are used to keep the collection safe for years to come.

These exciting events will take place at The Mary Rose, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, from Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 March 2019 at 11am to 3pm. All are free with a valid Mary Rose Ticket. A full programme of talks can be found here:

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Free with a valid Mary Rose Ticket.


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