Moscow State Circus - Miracles


Manchester will play host to one of the most spectacular circus displays in the world this February when the Moscow State Circus comes to the City.

From the 10th to the 26th February, the world’s most famous circus will literally perform “Miracles” a show that promises to have all the spectacle and nerve-tingling, edge of your seat feats for the whole family.

Nowhere else will you witness all the magnificent ingredients served up in this truly great show, an experience that you won’t want to miss.

The Circus has been planning this event for the last 2 years including installing the largest ever Big Top at Event City. The artistes have been in training ready for this world-beating performance, which promises to be breath taking.

The Moscow State Circus rolling into town is always a magical experience for families to come together witnessing some unbelievable acts on this 17-day run.”

The whimsical Clown, Nicolino will guide the audience through this show of “Miracles”, which features acts like the Didyk Troupe, acrobatics on Europe’s only DOUBLE Russian swings. Flying through the air and somersaulting from one fast moving swing to another, incredible!

The Alikhanov Troupe perform on two ten meter pole’s balanced on one shoulder of a man with not 1 but 3 girls climbing and spinning to the very top of the same pole. & then 5 people walking the high wire.

Manchesters largest floating bubble see Alina Stikhareva gyrating contortionist performing right in the roof of the circus Big Top.

Plus Unicyclists the Gorodetskiys Duo, Eugeniy Hochrova Foot Juggling & the sensational trapeze artistes the Peruskins Duo & Anna Rastsova.

Don’t miss this amazing show, created especially for EventCity in Manchester, all housed in a brand new state of the art centrally heated theatre style luxury Big Top.


Incredible, just beautiful

Paul O’Grady

No 1 show of the week


The Very best circus has to offer

Brighton Fringe Festival

Event City – 10th to 26th February
Phoenix Way. M17 8AS

BOX OFFICE OPEN ON SITE 9am to 9pm from Monday 6th February

Bigtop Box office 020 3375 3970

Ticketmaster 0844 856 5555

Reviews (5)

Jane Sedrak

Fantastic Show! - 14th February, 2017


We saw the Moscow State Circus in Manchester on Sunday 12 February with our two children aged 6 and 4.  It was a fantastic show with some truly amazing acrobatics, jaw-dropping to watch and entertaining for the whole family.

The children particularly enjoyed the funny clown who filled in the gaps between each act.  

Free parking right on site also a big plus these days.


Rach Summerscales

Circus in Manchester - 14th February, 2017

We took our children, aged 10 and 12, to the Moscow State Circus at Eventcity and really enjoyed the acts. The standard of acrobatics was as high as we expected from the Russian troupe...A brilliant skipping act, poles balanced on a tightrope and, best of all, a spectacular tumbling troupe who elicited gasps and ooohs from the audience with every move! Due to the different equipment required for each act there is quite a lot of waiting time between acts, unavoidable to maintain safety etc. We found that this made the evening a little stilted however the clown who filled the gaps appealed to the smaller kids and he was great at getting audience members involved...You have been warned!


Neil English

Moscow State Circus, Manchester - 13th February, 2017


A hugely enjoyable and diverse show that we found captivating, humourous, thrilling and entertaining all in equal measure. The highlights were the tumblers / acrobats – simply jaw dropping and the clown was amusing and thoroughly entertaining. All in all, a really enjoyable day out for the family and even our children were thoroughly entertained for the duration of the show


Helen Edwards

AMAZING "WOW" MOMENTS!!!! - 13th February, 2017


The Moscow State Circus was packed with one amazing talent


after another! Wonderful acts, costumes and talent....the acts were unbelievable and breathtaking on occasions. Fabulous atmosphere...a real treat for families young and old alike. The clown held the show together throughout....I must make a special mention of the uni-cyclist and the unbelievable last act of the "Hussars" on the swings....I couldn't believe my! I would also like to mention the toilet facilites...the ladies was spotless and, by far, the very best touring loos I've ever seen. Excellent!!


Steph Wyatt

Great half term entertainment! - 13th February, 2017


We went to the Moscow State Circus with our niece and nephew (5 and 7) who both loved the performance all the way through!


As adults the show was entertaining enough too with a spectacular finale and a few 'wow' moments throughout.


Compared to the price of alternative entertainment, e.g. The cinema, it's not much more expensive and you get a real experience. Parents with girls who want to be gymnasts will surely be inspired!


The venue was warmer that we expected so no need to wrap up especially for an outdoor tent.


The parking was a bit of a nightmare, we'd recommend eating at the Trafford centre afterwards whilst it clears or parking in the main Trafford centre car park and walking to event city. 



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