Mr Mulligan's Lost World Golf, Stevenage


Well my friends, I’ve discovered a Lost World golf adventure that awaits you in sunny Stevenage, and I think it may be just the ticket for a splendid day to remember!

It’s a land where the jungle meets the ocean, where striking foliage and secrets of the sea come together to bring only the bravest adventurers two bewildering 18-hole adventure golf courses to try… (Armbands and snorkels are optional).

We will make for mischief in the riotous room they call the UV room; here we will find hidden treasures a plenty, but also frightfully frightening sea mortals that will do their best to scupper our scavenges.

If you make it back alive (don’t worry, the vast majority of adventurers do), scrumptious scran and cheeky tipples are available in the tasty tavern, not to mention the most dastardly devilish ice creams in the entire lost world!

So do you dare to step into the unknown with me, the greatest adventurer of our times (ahem), Mr Mulligan? Then look no further than through Mr Mulligan’s monocle into the Lost World Golf Adventures in Stevenage.


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