Mr Mulligan's Pirate Golf Milton Keynes


Ahoy there me hearties! The stormy seas have led my path to the ancient lands of Milton Keynes and by golly do we have some secrets to tell. Stop gazing through thy telescope and follow me to the hidden caves of lost Captains and crew. This miniature golf course is just the beginning, that’s if you manage to finish without having to walk the plank …..

18 deceitful holes lie ahead, surrounded by the bottom of the deep blue sea, you will not want to make this journey alone.

If you make it back alive, wonderful pirate grub is waiting for you within the Clubhouse at Abbey Hill just a pirate ship-length away from the last hole. Gobble down what I have left the chefs to cook with on my adventures and complete your fun day out.

Fancy an action-packed exploration with your closest ship mates for a commemorative party then look no further but across the danger-filled rapids and into the eyes of our party bookers. I have put together a swashbuckling package for those special days spent with the family.


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