Roman Dead at Museum of London Docklands

25th May - 28th October 2018


Opening at the Museum of London Docklands on 25th May 2018, Roman Dead will draw on over 40 years of
archaeological work and research. Sparked by the discovery of a rare Roman sarcophagus in Southwark in
the summer of 2017, Roman Dead is the first exhibition of its kind to look in-depth at the way in which Roman
Londoners dealt with death.

Having raised international excitement as only the third of its kind found in London in recent years, the
‘Southwark sarcophagus’ will be displayed at the Museum of London Docklands in its first ever public
exhibition. Raising new questions of death and burial the sarcophagus acts as a centrepiece to over 200 other
objects on display from Roman burial sites across London. Seeking to provide visitors with a visual insight into
burial ceremonies in Roman times, the exhibition will explore what people buried with the dead and why,
providing a picture of funerary ritual and exploring the latest research into beliefs around afterlife and burial

Objects on display include amphorae, jewellery and beautiful glassware alongside cremation urns of varying
sizes and shapes. Charred remains of food and vessels that may have contained drinks help to shed light on
how Romans prepared their friends and family for their journey to the afterlife.

Roman Dead will reflect on who Roman Londoners were and raise questions of the city’s diverse past. The
Museum of London Docklands will exhibit human remains with African ancestry alongside objects sourced
from across the Roman Empire, showcasing London’s international connections, even in this early period of
its history.

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The museum is open daily 10am – 6pm and is FREE to all, and you can explore the Museum of London Docklands
with collections online – home to 90,000 objects with more being added.




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