Rainforest Cafe


Rainforest Cafe, London's largest family restaurant, is a tropical hideaway in the heart of the West End.

The spectacular restaurant recreates the sights and sounds of the rainforest with the help of stunning special effects such as thunder and lightening storms, tropical rain showers and cascading waterfalls.

Rainforest Cafe is also home to a cast of astounding, lifelike, animated inhabitants including chattering gorillas, a menacing tree-bound jaguar, trumpeting elephants, a life-like crocodile and fluttering butterflies.

Rainforest Cafe is committed to supporting worthwhile environmental causes. The rainforests of the world are being lost by the minute and the forests that remain are seriously threatened by deforestation, if they are not within a protected reserve. Threats to the rainforest are many, and include planting of monocultures, such as Oil Palm and Soya plantations, cattle ranching, roads and urban spread.

Rainforests contain a treasure trove of wildlife and many species are threatened with extinction if they lose their forest habitat. The Rainforest Cafe is proud to be a major sponsor for the Rainforest and is working with UK-based charity, World Land Trust, whose Patron is Sir David Attenborough, to try to save as much tropical forest as possible while there is still time.

Established twenty years ago, World Land Trust works with local project partners and has already successfully funded the purchases and protection of over 400,000 acres of threatened habitats worldwide. The Rainforest Cafe has chosen to support the Trust's work in Ecuador and we have already funded The Rainforest Cafe Reserve which is part of the larger Tapichalaca Reserve located in SE Ecuador. Rainforest Cafe's purchase currently protects an area 7 times the size of Hyde Park and we are continuing to support World Land Trust so that we can save an even bigger area in the future.

Rainforest Cafe is also proud to support smaller more community based charities and events, and to date has donated in excess of £10,000 to a variety of different schemes and requests.


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