Design Quest: Wings, Wheels or Water?New event at RIBA

21st February 2019


What makes people move from one place to live in another? What role does architecture play in the movement of people? What is 'portable' and can our homes be buildings that move when we do?

For children aged 6 to 10, join the fun and discover, discuss and debate the reasons why people move to different cities or countries and what obstacles they might face along the way. We will think about what the term 'home' means to us and how architecture (and architects!) play a part in aiding the movement of people. Imagine if we could move our home to a different place? Using the RIBA Collections we will discover different kinds of buildings that move or can be moved before taking up the challenge to create our own structures that can move over air, land or water!

This creative architecture workshop is led by educator Zoe Allen.

£40 excluding booking fee (£30 for participants who qualify for free school lunch. Proof required).


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11:00 to 16:00


Standard Ticket: GBP 40.0,
Concessions: GBP 30.0


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