Rock Antics


Middlesbrough Climbing Centre is Primarily a Bouldering Wall with an additional 13 top ropes.

The main bouldering wall has over 150 problems which are updated weekly, so you'll never run out! 

Also featured is a smaller bouldering section for beginner climbers with plenty of easier problems to attempt.

Our junior clubs combine exercise, learning and fun in one! We will teach the basics of climbing, belaying, bouldering and all safety aspects of using a climbing wall so that they can one day climb independently.

To ensure safety at the wall, our trained, friendly staff will tailor sessions to suit the needs of each child involved. This ensures that they have fun, while being encouraged to climb routes that they may not have been able achieve otherwise.

Climbing at any age will help with balance, co-ordination, strength, fitness and confidence. So starting off early is the best way to do it!


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