Rockbourne Roman Villa


Situated in picturesque and peaceful south west Hampshire, Rockbourne Roman Villa is the largest known Roman villa in the area.

The villa once stood in the centre of a large farming estate, and its history spans the period from the Iron Age to the 5th century AD. The villa remains include bath houses, living quarters, farm buildings and workshops. During your visit, you can explore the villa’s archaeological remains and also see some stunning mosaics, which were once part of the underfloor heating system, as well as the outline of the villa's forty rooms.

There’s plenty of room in the grounds for children to run around, and in the site museum, they can enjoy dressing up as Romans, have fun with Roman themed-games and quizzes or build their own LEGO® villa. The museum also houses displays of many of the fascinating objects found during excavations, showing what life was like for the Roman Britons who lived at the site over 1,600 years ago. Tea, coffee and ice creams are available to buy, and there are picnic tables outside to use. 

Admission charges apply. Free access to the shop and café. 


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