Santa's Gingerbread Grotto at Chill Factore


Discover the magic of Santa's Gingerbread Grotto this Christmas!

This year you and your little ones can revel in the magic that is Santa's Gingerbread Grotto!

Take one step in and feel the crunch of the real snow below your feet! You'll be stunned by the magnificent Gingerbread Grotto that is Santa's home right up until Christmas Eve. Surrounded by real snow sparkling trees, glistening lights and chattering elves, Santa will be in his Gingerbread Grotto every day from 2nd December right up until Christmas Eve 2017.

So whether you want to enjoy a family day out or with friends, there's something extra special about a trip to see Santa at Chill Factore. After all, it's not JUST a trip to see Santa...

All visits to Santa are combined with play time on real snow, either in Mini Moose Land (under 4’s) or in our fabulous Snow Park, which will really get you and your children into the festive spirit in their very own winter wonderland!

We will be keeping the children entertained before meeting Santa with Arts and Crafts. 


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