Stoneleigh Abbey and Country Park


The Abbey was founded by the Cistercians in 1154, but very little trace remains of the original Abbey buildings except for the 14th-century Gatehouse.

After the Dissolution of the Monasteries the estate was acquired by Sir Thomas Leigh, Lord Mayor of London in 1558, and a house was built  on the site of the monastic buildings. It was the home of the Leigh family from 1561 to 1990.

In 1809, Humphry Repton, famous landscape gardener, made his suggestions for alterations to the land surrounding Stoneleigh Abbey.  His hand-painted Red Book provided Reverend Thomas Leigh, owner of Stoneleigh Abbey at the time, with ample ideas for improvement.

Now, works have begun at Stoneleigh to restore the grounds as Repton intended.  Featuring spectacular views of the house from across the River Avon, the Repton Walk takes you into the woodland, where bluebells, snowdrops, deer, and many other native species thrive.

While you enjoy your cup of tea and sandwich or maybe some cake in our Vaulted Hall Tea Room, the staff will be able to tell you about Historic events that have happened at Stoneleigh Abbey, extra stories we may not have had time to tell you while you are on one of the guided tours. Or take your time reading about the historic past with our many exhibitions telling tales about the Leigh family history.


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