Storytime with Anna Christina


Music Audio Stories presents Storytime with Anna Christina!

Storytime with Anna Christina is presented by the author, narrator, creator, and award-winning storyteller of Music Audio Stories, Anna Christina! Her unique musical Storytime is a mix of listening, learning, drawing, drama, singing and dancing. They are fun, engaging, interactive, creative, and educational.

Workshops complement Key Stage 1 and areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage and have been a huge success at schools, nurseries, libraries, and workshops all over London.

'Music Audio Stories' is an original company specialising in fun, entertaining music audiobooks, storytelling, activities, picture books, and videos for kids. Music Audio Stories are interactive audiobooks with full orchestral scores and magical soundtracks, catchy sing-along songs, and cute stories that teach and uplift little listeners!

The music audiobooks enhance mental well-being, build confidence, and develop imagination. They teach children the importance of friendship, cooperation, tolerance, and team effort. A passion for preserving the environment and kindness towards animals as well as each other is at the heart of Music Audio Stories.

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