TeamSport Indoor Go Karting Leeds


It’s here, it’s open, and it is epic - 580 metres of jaw-dropping straights, hair-raising bridges, and awesome tunnels, promise a circuit that takes indoor karting to the next level.

Kitted out with 270cc LPG adult and kids karts and taking the crown as the longest indoor karting track in Yorkshire, this tarmac utopia is primed and ready to welcome karters of all ages and abilities who have one goal in common: All-out, full-on, fast-is-not-the-word, racing.

Challenge your siblings to a head to head, show your colleagues who’s boss, or plan a night out for your mates that will go down in history as the most fun you have had with a helmet on. This track has got it all and we can’t wait for you to get on the grid.

If you haven’t yet tried out our wicked underpass, or taken a pit stop in our elevated pit area then now is the time to do it. If you have never thought of hosting a team building adventure or a corporate do at the track, then think again. Take advantage of some of our amazing offers and get on the track for what promises to be the greatest of adrenaline-fuelled experiences.

If speed is what you want, we have it in spades. If it’s awesome racing that will put a permanent grin on your face, then this is the track for you.


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