The London Dungeon


The London Dungeon, one of the UK's most iconic attractions, has left London Bridge and re-invented itself as a NEW bigger, bolder and better attraction in the vast underground vaults of County Hall on the South Bank, next to the EDF Energy London Eye.

The all new multi-million pound attraction brings 1000 years of authentic London history to life with a unique mix of talented live actors performing in scarily funny shows, stunning special effects, edge of your seat surprises and two exciting thrill rides.

Guests embark on a journey through a dramatic London landscape going back ten centuries. They will be guided through ghastly plague-ridden streets, witness Guy Fawkes' dramatic plot to blow up Parliament, travel back to Jack the Ripper's bleak Whitechapel and walk beneath London's foreboding medieval gates.

The new shows and rides are more dramatic and surprising than ever, the new scripts are funnier, the costumes and styling more theatrical and even more talented actors play a colourful cast of villains and blaggards. Expect to meet Sweeney Todd, the infamous Barber, and his evil sidekick, Mrs Lovett alongside Jack the Ripper with one of his unfortunate victims Mary Jane Kelly. They are joined by murderous monarch Henry VIII 'virtually' played by boisterous British acting giant, Brian Blessed, gunpowder plotter Guy Fawkes and a supporting cast of torturers, plague victims and dark jesters.

Guests can also anticipate close encounters with non-human 'talent' including giant cockroaches and the Dungeon's resident family of scurrying rats!

As well as 18 shows, and innumerable unexpected surprises, the attraction will boast two state-of-the art thrill rides with high-tech surprises guaranteed to get adrenaline pumping. The fast flowing boat ride, Henry's Wrath, sees guests condemned by Henry VIII - played virtually by boisterous British acting legend Brian Blessed - to a turbulent journey along the dank River Thames towards execution. Whilst on the deadly dark drop ride, aptly named Drop Dead, they will literally be sentenced to 'take the drop' as they plunge three stories in the pitch dark. Meanwhile Jack's Whitechapel Labyrinth promises to get guests screaming as they try and escape the Ripper in a confusing East End maze and a strangely fun journey through Balzelgette's Victorian Sewer system will leave them in a disorientated spin.


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