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Following their sell out production of The Narnia Experience in 2013 and The Alice Experience in 2016, Crosby charity ‘In Another Place’ is repeating the acclaimed Narnia Experience at St George’s Hall in Liverpool from 8th – 25th February 2017!

The experience itself is a walk-through theatrical experience, where visitors step through a wardrobe of fur coats... stumbling upon a wintery forest full of pine trees. Visitors take on the role of either Lucy or Edmund and follow the story from their perspective, meeting characters like Mr Tumnus, Mrs Beaver and The White Witch!

The Experience will be running from the 8th February through to the 25th with entrance every 15 minutes, and lasting around 90 minutes. We also have 4 quieter autism friendly sessions on Tuesday 21st February between 6:15pm to 7pm. In addition there will be a couple of BSL signed sessions with dates and times to be confirmed shortly.

This event is ideal for families though not recommended for under 3s

If you are interested in school bookings please contact us directly.

There is still a chance to be involved in The Narnia Experience, if this is something that interests you please give us a call.

There will be a signed performance of The Narnia Experience on Saturday February 18th at 7:30pm. For enquiries on how to book please contact the customer service team on

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Dolman Family

The Narnia Experience, Liverpool - 23rd February, 2017

Narnia 2  Narnia

The walk  through Narnia experience is a lovely piece of creative theatre where children and families are transported to the the magical kingdom of Narnia. Children are invited to step through the wardrobe and then their Narnia Experience can begin.

Children choose to be either Lucy or Edmond and experience the story of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe from their perspective. The costumes and sets are lovely and the children were delighted to meet Mr Tumnus and Mrs Beaver as they travelled throughout Narnia.

There are Christian / religious elements included in the story but they are only touched upon and not enough to spoil the experience. My children aged 11, 9 and 5 all enjoyed themselves however I would say the theatre experience is more suited to younger children aged between 5 and 9.

My only criticism is that the walking groups are a little large (around 20 or so people) and you need to keep to the front of the group so you can hear everything the actors are saying.

Whilst my older girls thought it was nice they would have prefered it to be more interactive, with things to look for on their journey or activities to complete to keep them interested.

Overall, I would give the experience a 3 out 5.





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