The Piece Hall


The Piece Hall hosts a huge array of events, from contemporary and classical music concerts, to intimate site-specific performances, circus spectacle and street theatre. Seasonal festivities include markets alongside special food and drink celebrations and fairs. Visual arts, outdoor sculpture and video mapping all bring the building to life. The Piece Hall has plans to host major sporting events, iconic film festivals and large scale participation projects.

The events programme is a mix of free events and charged admission and run on selected dates throughout the year. 

The Piece Hall is a unique space to meet friends, the stunning eighteenth century colonnades and central courtyard of The Piece Hall are a worthy backdrop for a feast of flavours. Our independent cafés, bars and restaurants will be specially selected to give visitors an exceptional treat at any time of day. 

You will find a treasure trove of high-quality boutique and unique shops celebrating the independent and the artisan in the unique setting of The Piece Hall - one of the most appealing shopping attractions in the UK.



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