Trestle School Of Drama | Summer Workshops: We Are The Wild (Ages 11-16) at Trestle Theatre Company

25th - 29th July 2022


We Are The Wild

For ages 11 -16 years

Mon 25 Jul - Fri 29 Jul, 10 am - 3 pm daily
Sharing from 3 pm on Friday

If you could start from scratch, head into the wilderness and start a new way of living, would you? What would the world look like without the resources we rely so heavily on? No phones. No electricity. No buildings. You’re in charge now. Could you survive? How would you run the world?

Join Trestle as we explore life in the wilderness using drama games and activities, culminating in a sharing at the end of the day.


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10 am - 3 pm


Cost: £125pp

£5 early drop off from 9 am per day/ £5 late pick up until 4 pm per day.


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