Welsh Puddle Jumping Championships at WWT Llanelli Wetland Centre

23rd February - 3rd March 2019


Kids will be put through their paces to see if they have what it takes to be crowned puddle jumping champion during a week of fun at WWT Llanelli Wetland Centre (23 Feb-3 Mar). The event is open to all ages and, after rehearsing in practice puddles, families can visit the competition splash zone where extra points will be awarded for enthusiasm, creativity and- of course- the biggest splash, thanks to a special ‘splashometer’.

There’s plenty more to do at the centre afterwards too; from hand feeding the rarest goose in the world to spotting colourful flamingos, bug hunting, pond dipping, bird watching and exploring the reserve to see butterflies, dragonflies and more.

The Puddle Jumping Championships run between 23 February and 03 March. 

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9.30am to 5.00pm


Normal admission prices apply; £9.70 for adults and £6.10 for children aged between 4-16, with no extra charges for taking part in the competition. Under 4’s visit for free. 


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