Gel-a-Peel Great Fun for Kids

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Last month my girls Poppy and Evie tryed out Gel-a-Peel for the first time. Their bead making skills were not quite up to scratch.....This time things were much easier.

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I fed back to the team at Gel-a-Peel that the girls had found the station hard to deal with and they suggested for the age group they were in that their jewelry box challange could be fun!

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The new Gel-a-Peel Pearly Pastel kit arrived and the girls were very impressed! It's a fun craft that most childen will enjoy.

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The gels are lovely colours and the texture is lovely too.

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Poppy age 7 took contole and got to work whilst her sister was at gym class. 

And man she worked hard and for a long great value for around £14.

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I can really see this being a good activity for a birthday party or one for a sleepover perhaps. 

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The idea of decorating the boxes worked really well and Poppy really enjoyed it. She was very proud of the item she produced. 

It was well within her scope and skill level with our being too easy. She could do this all on her own.

 Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 13.48.00Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 13.48.16

We were all very impressed with the finished piece she created and the next week she took it in to school to show off!

Next time she said she would add buttons and glitter when the gel was still wet - great idea! 

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I think this idea would work well for children age 5 - 10, they would really enjoy designing and thinking up new ideas. The idea of making the little shapes from the plastic tray worked well but I encouraged Poppy to just leave the bits between - we shouldn't have done this as it made them stick together.


All in all we really like this one and give it a great big thumbs up!!! 


*Gel-a-Peel product is recommended for girls aged 8+ 




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