Keeping the Kids Occupied: Crafting They Will Love!



The school holidays are on the horizon, and therefore the perennial problem of keeping your kids occupied during the summer break also looms large. If you want to tear them away from their iPads and other electronic paraphernalia you can always introduce them to the world of imagination and crafting.

Using the imagination can be fun

Once you hear your child cry out ‘Mum, I’m bored,’ you know that this can herald the clarion call for tantrums, mischief and other varieties of domestic mayhem. In order to anticipate this problem, you can go online and seek some inspiration from Homecrafts or any other craft site in a bid to keep your kids occupied. During the year you can also start to collect old pieces of material, paper, paints and card so you have all the necessary equipment for just such an occasion.


Simple products can keep your kids occupied

Kids enjoy creative activities. From their earliest years at pre-school they will have learned how to use paints and glue, so once you have set up an area where they can be as messy as they please, it shouldn’t take long to start a crafting session. An enduring favourite is potato printing. Simply grab an old spud and cut it in half and then show them how to cut out patterns in the potato flesh. Dip the potatoes into some paint - basic watercolours will do - and then print the image onto some card.


Take your kids on a foraging trail

If you know that bad weather has been forecast, why not take your kids to a local park, or even stay within the confines of your garden, and get them to collect twigs, leaves, pine cones and pebbles for an indoors crafting session. If you combine your collection with some clay and paint, you could show them how to play at being builders, by constructing their own model houses. The CBeebies website has some great ideas that will keep your child occupied and also explains how kids develop their motor skills through crafting and play.


Dressing up is fun

If all else fails, then it’s time to resort to the dressing up box. Kids love dressing up and it’s amazing how an ancient discarded sheet can be transformed into a magician’s cloak. If you’re brave enough to host a children’s party you can always ask your kids to make the invitations and design a theme. An article in The Daily Telegraph describes the mayhem and the fun that can be derived by incorporating your kids’ crafting skills in preparing for a party. Good luck!


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