Make Your Own Chocolate Pizza - review

Chocolate Pizza 10" - Reviewed for What To Do With The Kids

 Chocolate Pizza

We love reviewing things for What To Do With The Kids - especially when they are made of chocolate!

We asked Louise, Patrick and twins Molly and Chloe, aged 4, to review this fantastic DIY pizza made from high quality Belgian chocolate and delivered in a takeaway box from Prezzybox and to give us their verdict - here is what they had to say...


"Wow! Simple easy and fun is how I would describe this product. The idea is simple and the instructions follow suit.

My kids absolutely loved this activity and they got so excited by how quickly you can design a delicious and tasty creation.

They loved the jelly bean design bit the best and the only challenge were to stop all of us from eating the tasty ingredients!

Great activity and this will definitely become one of our family's guilty pleasures in the future."

Order your own chocolate pizza from PrezzyBox


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