Rugby World Cup 2015 - The Welsh Sandwich

Have fun in the kitchen making flag sandwiches - you never know, it might be just the support your team needs!

Little Welsh Dragons for Rugby World Cup



 4 slices Roberts Soft & Fluffy White Bread (Thick Cut)

 3 tbsp hummus

 1 small carrot, grated

 2 slices chicken or turkey

 2 low-fat processed cheese slices

 4 green or black olives (stuffed with pimento look best)

 Cucumber and red pepper for extra dragon features



1. Lay the bread slices in pairs and cut off the crusts and the corners to make circles (use cookie cutters if you have them).

2. Mix the grated carrot with the hummus and spread it on the slices. Lay 2 slices on a breadboard, hummus side up.

3. Cut one end of cheese slices into a zig-zag to make ‘teeth’ and lay them on the sandwiches sticking out a little at the bottom. Do the same with 2 chicken or turkey slices, laying them a bit further back on top of the cheese, so that both of them show.

4. Top with the other two bread circles, hummus side down.

5. Place olives on top of the sandwiches looking forwards, to resemble ‘eyes’. 

6. Slice the cucumber to give you a circle. Slice the circle in half and use as eyelids behind the olives (using cocktail sticks to secure - CAUTION with younger children)

7. Slice red pepper into two horns and a pointed tongue just like the Welsh dragon and position on the dragons face and secure with cocktail sticks where required.


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