Snazaroo mini theme packs

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Face painting can be such great activity to do with the kids. My two have love it since being very small and still love it.

Evie age 8 still loves having this done although her tastes have changed, it used to be all about butterflies and fairies, but now she often opts for a witch or something a bit on the scary side! 

Today I received to set of the Snazaroo mini theme packs. there are all sorts of different packs available and there are some great videos to help you on the Snazaroo web site.

Evie was very happy and she commented, "I love this, we used to do it all the time! It's nice to be together." Actually, it is a great way to spend time together and I love holding her little head......shhhhhhhh! If you tell her that she will roll her eyes, she is 8 now you know.

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I was really interested in these, I worked as a face painter when I was younger and I do often keep a bit in my bag. It's a great way of getting the kids to stop nagging for treat when we are out or on holiday! 

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 I have always thought Snazaroo products are very good and this was no exception, although I do always use their bigger sponges. as I find they make a neater job. 

Although this pack is small, I still think you would get 5 faces out of it before the yellow ran out. I always use baby wipes to remove and this came off no problem. Fab little handbag product.

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