Wheely Bright: LED Bike Wheel And Frame Lights Wheely Bright

This winter keep your family safe...

These Wheely bright wheel lights for JML are the perfect way to keep you family visible on these dark and cold nights. They would make the perfect stocking filler this christams or a great birthday prezzy in 2018!

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 14.01.32

The lights are fantastic quality and come in three bright colours: Pink, Blue and Green. Each light stand contains 20 super bright LED lights, so your wheels will be very visible. Each stand had a battery life of up to 40 hours and the tubes turned on and off simply with one touch. The lights cable tie on very easily and were so easy to install.

I though the lights were great quality and I really think they will last a long time. I feel much better knowing the kids are very visable! I thought the price of £19.99 was good for a pack of two, I can see they would last for years. 

Available HERE at the fantastic price of £19.99!


  • 20 super-bright, super-cool LED lights on each wheel
  • Be seen at night with 360° of spinning visibility!
  • Over 40 hours battery life
  • One touch on/off activation
  • Easy to install - ride and shine in minutes!
  • Fits most standard-spoked bike wheels
  • Durable, ride in all weathers

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 14.15.27


Wheely Bright will take your ride to the next level. With these easy-to-install LED wheel lights, you’ll become a street-cool rolling light show in minutes!

Your bike is your personal statement and, during the daytime, you can really make it personal with colours and badges, graphics and all the latest ‘kit’. But at night you’re just another two-wheel silhouette with a light at both ends.
Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 14.01.43
Not anymore!

Wheely Bright can turn your dark, boring, hard-to-see bike into a spinning, glowing, colourful light show. You’ll look so cool once the sun goes down, you’ll make heads turn faster than your wheels! Wheely Bright can be attached to the spokes of your bike wheels or even around your frame and comes in four night-riding shades: pink, green, white and blue. Easy to install and safe to use in all weathers, Wheely Bright is operated with a simple one-touch button and comes in either single or double wheel formats so the combinations are endless to make your bike as individual, cool and unique at night as it is during the day! 

But that’s not all, while Wheely Bright doesn’t replace the need for your normal safety lights, it does make you far more visible to other road users and pedestrians as well as making you easier to find at night by friends and fellow riders who might want to pick you out of a crowd or follow your lead.

So don’t be another boring shadow! Lead the way with Wheely Bright on your ride, and glow wherever you go!


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