Book Review: Where’s The Ballerina?

Written by Anna Claybourne

Illustrated by Abigail Goh

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 17.09.22So, Poppy my daughter is currently Ballerina mad! All she wanted for Christmas was very specifically is a pair of pink Ballet shoes with long pink ribbons and a ballet tiara.


So when this book dropped through our letterbox last week, I knew straightaway this was going to be a winner. I kept it for Christmas and on Christmas day Poppy opened the book and her face lit up.  



Poppy loved the detailed pictures, the array of fairy tail drawings fuelled her vivid imagination, this book is certainly going to be a keeper.  I loved that the book catered for many age groups, a 5 year old can find the Ballerina and a 10 year old I think would find the stories of interest. There is a lovely history section that explains the history of each of the ballets, Poppy’s slightly older sister who is nearly 8 also really liked the book too.

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 17.09.05

This book has amused Poppy for a long time and is still going strong, weeks later.



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