Bunny Starts School - review


Bunny Starts School - Reviewed by What To Do With The Kids

Created by Mike Byrne

 Bunny Starts School

Bunny Starts School is a lovely book, ideal for little ones preparing to start school, and also for even younger children to help them understand why older brothers and sisters are getting lots of new things and will soon disappear off to school during the day.

The book takes us on a journey with Bunny while she gets organised to go to school, shopping with mum, getting her packed lunch ready, and packing her bag.

On each page there is a task - something to look for behing a door or window, and then a recap via a pull out list. It's great for practising memorisation or just for checking that your little one is engaged and following the story.

We read the book with two-year-old Thomas, who really enjoyed flicking through the pages, lifting the flaps and pulling out the pop-up sections. It's well put together and sturdy, and wipe clean, bright and colourful, and a really nice book for one-to-one reading time.

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