Cuddle Bear - review


Cuddle Bear

By Claire Freedman and Gavin Scott

From Little Tiger Press


Reviewed for What To Do With The Kids by Claire and Andy Paye with Amelia (6) and Charlie (4) 

One glance at the cover told Amelia that 'this is going to be a calm book' and it is.  Charlie loved the giraffe on the front and felt it was 'very smooth', which I took to mean something positive.  This is an ideal bedtime book on the simple but profound theme of hugs making everything better as Cuddle Bear works his magic.  The message obviously got through as Charlie gave me a lovely hug when we finished reading it. 

It's a gentle, rhyming book although with some inner depth: animals appear on each page then all come together towards the end, prompting Charlie to point out the extra ones that hadn't appeared earlier, which would have his Early Years providers ticking boxes with glee. 

I would say it's for a Pre School and younger audience, but Amelia enjoyed the book as well.  The pictures are attractive but not too stimulating, the font is large and there are just a few lines per page so there's lots to look at and if you also get a hug out of it, it's well worth buying.   




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