Little Poppets - Happy Birthday Mole! - review


Little Poppets - Happy Birthday Mole!

Book Review for What To Do With The Kids

Little Poppets

'Happy Birthday Mole' is one of a series of lovely new board books for children, published by MacMillan.

As you can guess from the title, the story takes place on Mole's birthday, and follows his friends as they prepare his birthday gift and tidy the house. But in the process, Mole's gift gets lost!

So the reader has to help Mole's friends search for the gifts by lifting the flaps in the book and looking in the nooks and crannies of the house.

The book is beautifully illustrated in quite a retro style, with photo stills of tiny woollen animals (the main characters, Mole Rose, Pippin and Mouse). Seeing the story's protagonists illustrated as tiny toy animals makes it easier for children to translate and recreate the story using their own toys - or even make up new adventures for the animals.

Being a board book, it is extremely sturdy, wipe clean, and the doors which you can open are pretty sturdy so will hopefully stand up well to a lot of use.

We look forward to reading more from this series - new 'magical adventures' from Little Poppets are due to published in January 2014.




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