Review of Goal by Joe Ayres, age 10


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Note: Goal is a trial publication from the producers of Four Four Two, Haymarket Media Group. It is not yet available on subscription but they are hoping it will be a regular publication in the future. W2DWTK invited a keen would-be sports commentator for his honest opinion.


The things I liked about Goal was that it takes a few days to read whereas Match of the Day only takes about 10 minutes to read. I also think it was funny so it was enjoyable to read and is probably focussed at an older audience than Match of the Day, which I liked.

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There is also a good amount of information on every topic although I think there could be more feature topics which are advertised on the front cover so you know what you are buying. I felt the quizzes could be more fun such as more trivia rather than crosswords.

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I really enjoyed the FIFA tips and the F2 article as they are things I am really into as are a lot of boys my age. I would love to see more tips on actually playing football too.

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Overall I really enjoyed Goal and although I get a subscription to MOTD magazine, I would like to read this too as I think they cover different topics. The price of £2.99 is a bit more than MOTD at £2.50 but still worth it. They are fewer adverts too in Goal, which I liked.

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