Super-Duper Dudley - review


Super-Duper Dudley

By Sue Mongredien and Caroline Pedler

From Little Tiger Press


Reviewed for What To Do With The Kids by Claire and Andy Paye with Amelia (6) and Charlie (4) 

This is a vibrant, exciting book with a good story and a dose of morals thrown in.  Amelia felt the cover was 'great, looks exciting' and 'not boring'.  It is the story of two friends, Dudley and Bonzo.  Dudley enjoys showing off his many superstar qualities to Bonzo but is less enthusiastic about acknowledging Bonzo's unique talents.  However, one day Bonzo comes to his rescue and Dudley has a change of heart. 

Amelia summed up the moral of the tale as 'don't boast and let someone else join in', and since then has appreciated her younger brother's efforts much more.  Actually, not really, but at least she picked up the message of the story. 

The font is large, the pictures are bright and cheerful and the book uses quite a wide vocabulary.  It is a pleasure to read aloud.  Charlie also enjoyed the book, partly because all the characters are animals, which always goes down well with him.  Super-Duper Dudley would appeal to any young children or babies and is one I'd be happy to read over and over again. 




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