The Essential Camping Cookbook - review

The Essential Camping Cookbook
or How to Cook an Egg in an Orange and Other Scout Recipes

Reviewed by What To Do With The Kids

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The Essential Camping Cookbook sells itself as the essential guide to cooking outdoors, whether you're camping, 'glamping', at a festival or on the beach; and whether you are a beginner to al fresco cooking or a seasoned camper. Whilst this description seems to be aimed at an adult audience, it is very much an all-rounder that will get the kids enthused about cooking in the outdoors with a mixture of simple and more complex recipes, lots of advice on different cooking methods, and all the camping essentials you need.

What we like about this book is that it's an easy read - it's informative, engaging, fun, and as mentioned, caters for a broad spectrum from kids to adults, and from those who want to rough it and try a few cooking survival techniques, to those that want to cook something fancy on the bbq in the comfort of their own garden.

The book draws on the know-how and expertise of The Scout Association, and follows this theme throughout the book. Whilst most of us will never be in a position where we need to know survival techniques, such as which wood makes the best kindling and how to build an oven in the ground, it is fun and educational, and the kids will love giving it a go and seeing if they can bake something edible!

Alongside traditional campfire favourites, there are more than 80 recipes ranging from simply toasting marshmallows on the open fire, to curries, spicy stews, and exotic barbeques. There are also recipes from well know celebrity ex-scouts including Stephen Fry and Michael Palin.

And to top everything off, there is a section of favourite Scout campfire songs to while away the evenings by the fire.

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