Cherokee clothes to brighten up your winter

Review by Claire Paye, our 'What to do with the Kids' Official Reviewer

Alongside Charlie (7) and Amelia (9) Paye


UPDATE: "These have become my children’s favourite clothes of the winter, particularly Amelia’s"

Fox jumpers from Cherokee

You can’t beat animals where Charlie is concerned, and animals on clothes are definitely a winner. As Amelia enters the tweenage years, clothes are proving trickier to source – nothing too girly as far as she is concerned, and nothing too grungy as far as I am concerned!  Cherokee have provided a solution - this peacock top and fox sweater are keeping us both happy.  

It moose be breakfast pyjamas Cherokee  boy fox jumper cherokee

The boys’ moose pyjamas (Which say IT MOOSE BE BREAKFAST) (£12) are very comfortable.  They are made of polycotton and have a soft feel to them.  The moose design is overlaid on the front, giving a smooth inside.  The boys’ fox sweater (£12) is 100% cotton and so will be breathable as well as warm. The fox’s nose has been knitted so as to stand out a little bit.  

Peacock top from Cherokee  fox jumper Cherokee

We love the peacock top (£8).  It is quite striking and unusual.  There are little flecks of colour on the arms to amplify the peacock effect. The top is made of a soft, polycotton and is quite thin, making it an ideal base layer under the star of the show, which is the girls’ ‘fox with ear muffs’ sweater (£12).  The highlight of the sweater is the soft white woolly bits which bring the face to life. They’re very small but very strokable!  The sweater is 98% cotton and is of a finer weave than the boys’ cotton jumper.  

It’s great for wearing indoors in the winter but would also be good as a spring or autumn top layer, given the UK’s crazy weather.

Size-wise, Charlie is wearing an age 7-8 (he has just turned 7), and the clothes have come out a bit large.  He generally wears 6-7.  Amelia usually wears age 10 clothes but the 11-12 fit her better than the 10-11 did.  So perhaps order two sizes just in case.  

The quality is not perfect but is good for the price.  And with children growing at great speed, adding some bright, fun items to their wardrobe at a reasonable price is worth the occasional raw hem.  The clothes look and feel great.  I don’t expect there’ll be many more years when Charlie and Amelia can wear matching fox jumpers and I look forward to making the most of it this year.



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