Cuddledry Swim Poncho - review

Reviewed for What To Do With The Kids by Sarah with Joe (age 2.5)


Toddler swim class was more exciting than usual this week because we were asked to try out a new poncho towel from Cuddledry for What To Do With The Kids.

Joe is generally very grumpy at the end of our weekly paddling session, he hates getting out of the water and really hates getting dressed. But the bright blue and orange poncho towel seemed to distract him from the process this week, which was a good start.

The poncho is really easy to get on to your baby, you can simply pass it over their head and then do up the poppers at the side. It takes about 10 seconds which is great for little fidgets like Joe.

Cuddledry Poncho

The towelling itself is really soft. I had put it through the wash before we used it (force of habit) and it didn't lose any of its fluffiness after that first wash. The poncho is also surprisingly absorbent, but thin enough to dry quite quickly, so I think this would be a great item to take on holiday. I also think it would dry quite well at an open air swimming pool or at the beach and would save you dressing your child and then undressing again for another dip later in the day. 

It came in a thick plastic bag with a zip fastening - ideal for making sure damp clothes don't wet other items in your bag on the way home.

The poncho we tried out was bright blue with an orange trim and Cuddledry logo. A couple of the other mums at the swim class asked me where I bought it as they liked the colours and thought the design was good.

I think this is a fabulous item and would definitely recommend it to my friends.

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