Rockabye Baby Clothing - Dress Review

Rockabye Baby clothing is slightly crazy, original baby and childrenswear.

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It's the perfect solution for parents that want to dress their little ones in something unique and different. 


The designer is a lovely lady (and mum of two) who works so hard designing and producing the clothes. What to do with the kids was given a lovely dress and we passed it on to Little Opelia was enlisted to test it out!



The dress came in the packaging of a record sleeve, which was really different and unique - especially if you were buying something as a gift as it's a quirky idea that presents the clothes well. 

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The dress was a nice, thick material that felt of good quality and washed well - the black red and white colours didn't run into each other and the material hadn't bobbled after the first wash. 


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The dress claimed to be age 2-4 and it was very generous on my petite 2 1/2 year old, so I'd say it'd fit the average 3-year-old fine. My little girl seemed comfortable wearing the dress and I liked the change from the normal 'pink princess' offered for little girls on the high street.


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Ophelia liked the dress and wanted to wear it, especially as she is a new big stister. It was good for looking thet little bit diffrent to her new baby.


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