Supercute Blade and Rose leggings - Review

Blade and Rose children's leggings

My 2 year old with great excitement tore through the cellophane bag in seconds of the brightly coloured leggings that arrived through the post. She immediately stripped off her clothes to adorn her new outfit. We both were delighted that the colours and design are bold and funky. The novelty of the motif on the rear of the leggings added another level of cuteness whenever she walked around.

Robyn opening pack_1  Robyn with Blade and Rose leggings

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The elasticity in the leggings was sufficient for them to fit my daughter well, despite her being the top of the age range for the size she was wearing. The fit was comfortable round her waist, bottom and legs with no pull or stretch noticeable anywhere - advantages of the leggings being made from knitted fabric with spandex and the design having a middle panel over the bottom at the back. The leggings were put through their paces on the lounge assault course with leaps, jumps, crawls, rolls and running. I was pleased to see that the leggings did not creep down her body/legs at all but remained in place. With the weather turning colder the thickness of the fabric makes them suitable attire to keep little legs warmer.

Robyn leapfrogging in leggings

My son was also sent a pair of leggings, although they are essentially tights as they have feet. He is only 5 weeks old but the pair for 0-6 months fitted him adequately enough to provide a review. To my surprise they did fit him! He’s not big but again because of the qualities of the fabric they held his little form well and remained in place through a whole day of wear. There were baggy areas around his legs in places but he has skinny legs!

Seth on his tummy in blade and rose leggings

A generous distance between the crotch and top (waist) band meant they held well to his torso, not slipping down at all plus providing another layer for warmth. The design and colours again were fun and colourful and as my boy starts to get on the move they have rubbery print on the soles to help him grip. My only dilemma is whether I think of them as tights or leggings – not really an issue as they can function as either.

Seth in blue stars leggings

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The durability of these leggings have not been tested yet. They wash at 40° so that’s a plus for economy and ecology; however what they would look like after my daughter had worn them over and over, only time will tell. The unavoidable snags and stains I’m sure will occur so costing £10/pair one may choose for these not to be an everyday clothing item but instead worn when tree climbing and messy play aren’t planned!


Lys Price


Mum of 4, Woking, Surrey.


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