Vertbaudet Baby Boy's Shirt & Trousers with braces outfit

Reviewed by Caroline and Callum Jennings

Vertbaudet review Vertbaudet baby boy


So just what can the discerning Northern baby around town do when he wants to go for a cute paperboy look? Vertbaudet has the answer with a little Mandarin collar checked shirt and a pair of charcoal trousers with braces. 
Like the other Vertbaudet products I've seen, the production quality on both of these items is very high. From the double press stud on the trouser waistband to the soft, easy stretch of the adjustable braces, someone has actually thought about the practicality of dressing a wriggly baby as well as the resulting look, and little details such as the actual, (surprisingly deep!) pockets, the buttons and rivets and belt loops give both the shirt and the trousers a quality feel. 
The shirt is a light cotton, great on its own, but also suitable for wearing under a light jumper or coat. I thought the 12 month size (74cm) might be a bit big for Callum, but apart from rolling up the sleeves, it was actually very good fit: plenty of room to grow but not so large as to lose him in it. It's a practical shirt that will go with a lot of the clothes we already own. 
The trousers are made of a very soft poplin, and more than stood up to a whole day's busy crawling. The braces are completely detachable, which I thought was a nice touch. Another nice touch is an elastic and button system to change the size of the waistband, although it was more than a little bit fiddly where a square of the trouser material has been sewn over it to make it less obvious. As the button is clear and inside the waistband, it can't be seen anyway; it would be a lot easier to adjust without the attempt to hide it. That said, I really do appreciate the idea; it's not something I've seen on any other clothing I've bought, and along with the fact that the legs can be rolled down, it means that we can get the maximum wear out of them. 
It's a great little outfit, casual enough for banging about the front room doing baby business or smart enough for a family event. It's very versatile and as Callum is at the age when clothes can fit one week and not the next, I really love that the trousers in particular are adjustable. He can start wearing them now and hopefully we'll get a good few months out of them. 
The entire outfit is available online from Vertbaudet 
Vertbaudet Vertbaudet

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