A sunny August day at Paultons Park - Review

Buying tickets the night before not only gave us a speedy entrance to Paultons Park – even at opening time we walked straight in – but it also gave us a chance to recover from the cost - £100 for a family of 4 and a senior citizen – so it was a win win!  We’ve visited Paultons Park with the grandparents a few times but never on a hot, sunny August day and having just come to terms with the trauma of queuing for hours at Legoland the week before, I was a bit nervous.  However, Paultons Park has a number of features which makes for a great day out, even in the height of summer.  


There is a very wide range of rides, keeping children happy from the youngest (there are small ride ons by some of the rides to keep the little ones amused; a fantastic idea) to early teenage years, probably older siblings rather than visitors on their own account.  I think the ideal age range is 3-10.


My first wise move was to avoid any mention of Peppa Pig World to Charlie (age 3) and Amelia (age 6).  Peppa Pig World has some fantastic rides for toddlers but it was obviously the go to destination of the park, and it was packed as soon as the Park opened.  I caught a glimpse of this each time I got to the top of the empty, thrilling, Wave Runner.  We were able to walk onto rides with no queues such as the Pirate Ship, the Jumping Bean and Kontiki until about 11am.


The feature I most appreciated about Paultons Park was that there was no queue bot (see Legoland) system.  So the queues moved predictably and pretty quickly.  The most exciting ride, the rollercoaster Cobra, available for children of at least 1.1m and 4 years old, had the longest queue, but it still only took us just over half an hour.  We walked straight onto the Edge (1.2m and 6 years).  The newest ride, the Magma, also only took about 30 mins and was well worth it as we were lifted high above the park then dropped at top speed (safely secured, of course), leaving our stomachs behind.  I spent my time in the queue rejoicing as people moved forwards because the ride had finished already, then once I was actually on it I wanted it to last as long as possible.  


The Park itself is beautifully designed and feels quite spacious.  There are exotic birds and life-size model dinosaurs located around the landscaped gardens.  There are some play parks and a water park for children to run around in when they’ve had enough of queuing, and plenty of benches to sit at and eat or just try to spot your three year old when they’ve disappeared out of the water park (many thanks to the kind member of the public who brought the dripping wet Charlie back).  


The cost is steep (although cheaper than some theme parks), and you can’t use Tesco Clubcard or other such vouchers, but it is an excellent day out and was one of the highlights of the summer for Amelia, Charlie and me.  The glass of wine as they recovered in their quiet garden afterwards was probably the highlight of the summer for the grandparents!  


By Claire, Amelia (6) and Charlie (3) Paye


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