Day out with the kids in Blackpool



We visited Blackpool for the day with Amelia (6) and Charlie (3).  Out of the many attractions at the Blackpool Tower that we could buy with our Tesco Clubcard vouchers, we chose to go up the Blackpool Tower Eye.  


This involved a 4D film about Blackpool which Charlie hated and Amelia loved.  We then went up the lift to the top.  There were excellent views across Blackpool, which looks rather nice from very high up where the detail is blurred.  The children enjoyed walking up the final levels and being blown about at the top.  I imagine the view would be even better over the autumn and winter months when the illuminations were on.  We all enjoyed standing on the glass walkway, looking down.  


The cost of the Eye is steep (it would have been about £39 on the day, which is why we went back to pick up the Clubcard vouchers which I’d forgotten at my sister’s house 20 mins earlier) but it isn’t too bad with vouchers.  I have to say that the highlights of Blackpool for Amelia and Charlie were the donkey rides on the sand, a ride on the Big Wheel (costing about £9 for a family of 4 and offering an excellent view over Blackpool including authentic buffeting winds coming in through the open sides), the other rides on the Central Pier and the amusement arcade – we went to Coral Island which also had rides inside for £1 each.  


Blackpool is not the most upmarket of locations but the children had a great time.  The beach is very wide and was not at all crowded the day we went (and it wasn’t even raining).  The promenade is attractive and our children really enjoyed running along it while we read quotes from the many famous comedians who have performed in Blackpool which are etched onto the ground in front of the Tower.  One of my favourites was, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a relative.’


In conclusion, I’d say it’s fun to go up the Blackpool Tower but you could easily spend a day in Blackpool on the more traditional seaside activities.  We didn’t even go to the Pleasure Beach.  Maybe next time.  


Claire and Andy Paye


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