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Dino Fun for the little ones!

By Laura Coffey, dated 2nd August, 2017

Dino Fun for the little ones!  Location wise, the venue was right in the middle of Buxton, surrounded by beautiful gardens and the pavilion. 

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We found no problems parking, though during the day everything is pay and display and there is a lot of residential permit holder parking you need to avoid.  The car parks were well signposted and had ample space so that was good as we didn’t know Buxton well.  The venue is quite old so some of the spaces seemed rather small- like the bar and the toilet facilities, but everything was clean and tidy.  

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The staff at the venue were super; giving out stickers, talking to the kids in the queue and handing out booster seats for the little ones.  We were sitting in the stalls and had a good view of the stage.   Once the show got started my four year old was engrossed in the show- absolutely captivated.  It is a pretty much one woman show but the leading lady was good and made all the kids who got up to volunteer feel comfortable on stage.  The show lasted 50 minutes in total and started and ended on time.  There were some genuinely funny moments when even the adults had the giggles but we felt the show really aimed at the age 4-7 year age group. My son was a dinosaur fan so he really loved it.  

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He did not seemed phased by the puppeteers, though I personally had expected the men and women working the dinosaurs to be more camouflaged. They did a good job of making the puppets come alive and you could see the volunteers up on the stage were really engaged with them.  

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 19.49.40

During the show there were several opportunities for volunteers to come on stage and meet the dinosaurs.  I think about 5 children in total ended up on stage.  

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 19.49.51

The disappointment in the other children was brokered by promises to meet all the children after the show.  Unfortunately this is where things became chaotic and let itself down.  I don’t know if it was because of the very small foyer area, but when we left the theatre and proceeded to make our way out we had to pass through the bar area but the queue was so slow (actually stationary) that after 10 minutes we were told to exit through an alternative door bypassing the foyer completely.  We made our way back round but there were no dinosaurs to be seen.   

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 19.49.57

We were fortunate my son didn’t mind and tantrums were avoided but if you do want to meet a dinosaur I think you need to make a quick exit.  It was a real shame this was how the experience ended for us, as up until then it had been well done.  I would recommend the show to any dino made 4 year olds, but I would make a dash to the foyer area as soon as it looked like curtains were closing!   

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Snow White at The Buxton Opera House

By The Edwards Family, dated 3rd March, 2017

Buxton Opera House - Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

Selina from What to do with the kids took her family to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the amazing Buxton Opera House.

In a nutshell it was amazing! The kids (aged 7 and 6) were laughing and totally into the story and even my self-confessed grumpy husband laughed and enjoyed the show!

Buxton Opera House is an old, traditional theatre and small, this made the experience really interactive and you literally felt part of the performance.

The panto was full of jokes (for all ages) modern songs we could sing along to and lots of hilarity. The baking scene with lots of cream pie action had my son on his feet giggling all the way though. Who doesn't love a bit of old style comedy?

The acting was great. The Dame had us all in stitches mainly due to 'her' very northern accent and excellent wardrobe, while the evil Queen was a proper villain with a good set of pipes! There were lots of local jokes - poor old Stockport got it in the neck!

The venue is amazing, there is parking at the back of the Opera House which was very reasonable for £5 a day. Buxton is lovely and worth spending more time there and taking in some sights and food before the panto. Food at the Pavilion next door was not only amazing, but really good value.

Thumbs up from What to do with the kids!

 Picture9 Picture2

Christopher Laishley as Snivel, James Holmes as Dame Brenda Bakewell  and Matthew Jay Ryan as Muddles.

Brad Veitch as Prince Tristan and Lucy Dixon As Snow White

 Picture4 Picture12

 Anna Stolli as Queen Belladonna and Zoe Littleton as Flora Spirit of the Peaks





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