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Great Go Ape!

By Joanne Garbutt, dated 21st August, 2017

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My friend Jo and I thought we would try and wear out our very own Monkeys,  Max and Hayden aged 12 and Lily aged 11 on the Junior Treetop Adventure at Go Ape, Thetford and wear them out we did. They had a fantastic day and the boys are now feeling brave and ready to try the Treetop Adventure for big Monkeys.

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We arrived 10 minutes before our allotted time and were given a list of rules to read and a waiver form to sign.

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As well as our bags we had a picnic with us and the kind people behind the desk were able to look after all of our belongings whilst we climbed about in the trees.

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We were directed over to the Climbing Guides who were extremely helpful in assisting with our harnesses.

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We felt very safe as the harnesses and hooks were checked, checked and checked again by 3 different guides in total. 

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Before we climbed up into the trees we had a practice run around a short course which was approximately 2 feet off the ground.

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One of the Guides picked up that Lily was very nervous and asked her what was worrying her. When she told him she was worried about falling he told her to just let herself fall, which she did, so she could see that she would be safe at all times. This was very reassuring for her.

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We climbed up onto the course and Max and Hayden were off, whizzing around the obstacles.  Us girls were a lot slower and not quite so brave but we did it! The Guides on the ground could see that Lily was really scared and all of the time were shouting up instructions and words of encouragement to her.


At the end of the course there is a zip wire which provided us with lots of fun and amusement. You have 1 hour to go around the course as many times as you wish.  After Lily finished the course she opted to spend her remaining time going up and down on the zip wire, whereas as the boys went around the course twice and then went on the zip wire again. I must admit to having a few goes myself!


At the end of our time we were each presented with a certificate to prove we had been brave. I highly recommend the Thetford Forest Go Ape Junior Tree Top challenge for adventurous children and big kids. The staff are fantastic and nothing was too much trouble.

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You can easily spend a whole day at Thetford Forest.  The onsite toilets are well maintained, the parking and picnic tables plentiful and the cafeteria, I thought was reasonably priced compared to some I have been to. As well as Go Ape Treetop Adventures you can hire Segway’s to roll around the forest on. There are also lots of play areas for children, cycling routes, running routes and a Gruffalo Trail.  All in all it really is a lovely day out and we all highly recommend you try is for yourselves.




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