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Go Ape Wendover

By Phil Bouwman, dated 11th August, 2020

My daughter and I went to Go Ape at Wendover Woods and took part in the Treetop Challenge for older children and adults. 

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The instructors and staff were very welcoming and provided clear guidance on the safety equipment. They were also very good at following social distancing rules and used face shields if they needed to be in proximity (adjusting harnesses, etc.) There were also new rules about not mixing different groups on the platforms. During the training session the instructions were pitched at just the right level to ensure that children and adults could follow them. More experienced customers were sent first through the training area so that the newbies didn’t feel rushed, which was appreciated.

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It took about half an hour to fit the harnesses and go through the training area; the other four areas took about another hour and a half to complete. It’s advertised on the Go Ape website as taking longer but it was very quiet, and we weren’t held up by the couple ahead of us, so we probably finished faster than normal.  When we started there was a younger child in the group ahead but one of the instructors held them up to allow us to go past, so we didn’t end up waiting for them to complete each crossing. (It was handled very diplomatically by the staff.)

It’s undeniably a physical challenge (especially on a 30°C day) but there are alternate routes on the later areas, extreme for the adventurous and moderate/hard for the rest of us. My eleven-year old daughter positively flew through each crossing, only showing any hesitation on the zip wires and that was mostly to avoid giving herself a wedgie (her word, not mine) on the harness. Each new area also has fresh drinking water and disposable cups so you can take a brief refreshment break before setting off.

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Overall, it’s a great day out but you will probably find yourself out of your comfort zone at least once. It’s the feeling of achievement at the end that makes it all worthwhile. I can’t praise the Go Ape staff highly enough; they were all very attentive, polite and reassuringly professional. We were given certificates at the end and the staff member remembered our names from when we signed in without having to ask again, always a sign of someone who cares about their customers. 

Go Ape has 34 locations across the UK and offers a variety of adventures. As well as the Treetop Challenge, there’s also a Treetop Adventure for the younger members of the family. And, at some locations you can try out a Forest Segway, try your hand at Axe Throwing or send the kids off for some Nets Adventures (tree houses, netted walkways and bouncy nets full of inflatable balls!). It’s a fantastic day out for the whole family. 

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