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Immotion VR experience at Star City in Birmingham

By Luke Tarplin, dated 8th July, 2019

On the run up to Christmas, we decided to try out the Immotion VR experience at Star City in Birmingham. We were met by the manager Akthar, who greeted us with a cheery welcome and asked if we had been to an Immotion VR experience before or if we had much experience of VR in general. We briefly discussed the various home based VR headsets that I have used in the past and Akthar then proceeded to tell us how the experience works. 
We were offered a range of VR games and rides to experience. The offering was varied and there was plenty of choice for myself and my 8 year old son. 
The first ride we tried was the Elf power Christmas fun ride. This was a visually spectacular VR experience with plenty of well thought out scenes and being in the VR pods felt very much like being on a Christmas themed roller coaster. We also tried Jinxed, which was a spooky roller coaster ride, my 8 year old managed ok with this but he did say it was a little bit scary. I wouldn't recommend Jinxed for younger children.
One VR experience that was particularly thrilling was Delta Zero, in which you are the pilot of a space fighter and are taken on a ride through a futuristic space battle. The visual effects are stunning and very realistic.
My son tried "Job Simulator", which is a collection of virtual jobs. He most enjoyed being a virtual store assistant and satisfying customer needs. Although mostly he enjoyed throwing food at them and taking their hats. I recommend this game for younger children.
There were many other games and experiences on offer, some of which are rated for 16+ and others that we didn't try as they take so long to play that we wouldn't have been able to try a range of other things as well.
It is easy to see that Immotion VR and indeed VR experiences like these are the future of high thrill rides and arcade style gaming.
I would say that we had a lot of fun at Immotion VR in Birmingham and the staff were very friendly and couldn't do enough to make sure we had the best experiences possible. My son really loved it and keeps asking when we will be back. 
One thing I would say to watch out for is that the VR experiences are very realistic and the rides can sometimes make you feel a bit motion sick. So I would recommend having a break between rides.
We will definitely be back to this venue soon.

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