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Would Love to do this again!

By Matthew Burnham, dated 28th February, 2017

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In my experience of the LetsRace formula 1 simulators, I felt I had a large amount of control over my experience. I was able to decide which track we drove on and whether I wished to use gears when driving the car. Also, as a new-comer to driving, the concept of gear changes was clearly explained to me. The briefing room was cleverly set up with interactive displays that elaborately explained specific tracks and concepts of the car.


The simulation itself, was amazing. The cars felt alive and the jolts and movements felt utterly real. As well as this, the ability to connect with other drivers in the room made the experience thrilling. However, afterwards I was feeling slightly stiff as the seats did not have any padding.


Overall, my experience was a thoroughly enjoyable one and one which I hope to do again.

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